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Embrace Comfort and Convenience with the Horow T16 Toilet with Built-in Bidet

As temperatures drop, the Horow T16 becomes your steadfast companion for ultimate comfort. Featuring instant hot water technology and a customizable seat profile, this toilet with built in bidet ensures a cozy experience that rivals snuggling up with a fluffy blanket. With dual flushing options and user-friendly controls, it offers both comfort and convenience in one sleek package.

Effortless Warmth with Instant Hot Water

Say goodbye to cold toilet seats with the Horow T16’s built-in bidet feature. This innovative toilet harnesses instant hot water technology to provide a warm and soothing wash experience every time. Whether it’s the chill of winter or a brisk morning, the Horow T16 ensures that you stay comfortable and cozy, even in the coldest of weather.

Customizable Seat Profile

Experience personalized comfort with the Horow T16’s adjustable seat profile. With four levels of adjustability, you can tailor the seat temperature to your liking, ensuring optimal warmth and comfort with every use. Say hello to a toilet that adapts to your needs and provides a luxurious experience that’s tailored just for you.

Dual Flushing Options for Efficiency

In addition to its bidet functionality, the Horow T16 offers dual flushing options for added efficiency. Choose between a full flush for solid waste or a partial flush for liquid waste, helping you conserve water and reduce your environmental footprint without sacrificing performance. With the Horow T16, you can enjoy both comfort and eco-friendliness in one stylish package.


In conclusion, the Horow T16 is the perfect blend of comfort and convenience for any bathroom. With its instant hot water technology, customizable seat profile, and dual flushing options, this toilet with built in bidet offers a luxurious experience that’s tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to cold toilet seats and hello to cozy comfort with the Horow T16.

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